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What is Wedge Wire Screen?

Wedge wire screen is a metal filter product manufactured with stainless steel. Wedge wires have high mechanical properties. They are static structures that offer efficient filtering. Many different industries uses wedge wire screen to solve filtration problems. Therefore, it is also called a filter screen. They can be designed based on the working principle and geometry.

Selecting the Effective Filter Screen

There are different types of wedge wire filter screens that depend on the application. Some wedge wire screens can be attached to machines and some work by themselves with the same purpose – filtration.

In general, the important parameters mainly consist of the open gap, the tilt angle of the wires, the width of the screen, and total area. These are the main parameters to define the effectiveness of the filter screens in terms of filtration and durability. Thus, design and manufacturing become significant to reach high quality and they require precise manufacturing.


Wedge wire screens are formed by V-shaped wire resistance welding with support rods. We are flexible for the material selection depending on your request. However, Stainless steel with different grades is most preferred for the manufacturing of wedge wire screens.

Our screens start with high-quality raw wire, then they are transformed into a screen that is cut, molded, manufactured, and cleaned. Additionally, Depending on the use area and operational field, we are able to apply special treatments to different types of wedge wire screens.

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