Coanda Intake Screen

Coanda Intake Screen also called Coanda screen provides filtration with the special curve shaped wedge wire screen. Coanda screen is mostly used for filtration of water via the Coanda effect principle. In addition, the shape of the Coanda screen helps the filtration process complete accurately by the exerted forces of flow.

Advantages of Coanda Screen

Water screen provides clean water to the channels with high performance and self-cleaning. The main advantages of the Coanda effect screen are:

  • Special surface treatment
  • Customizable design for the application
  • No power requirement
  • Long service life with negligible operational cost
  • High intake performance
  • Effective cleaning and capacity
Coanda Screen

Coanda Screen

Applications of the Coanda Screen

Coanda intake screen is static and has no moving parts. Therefore, you can easily clean them manually and depending on application, no necessary major maintenance is required over its life cycle.

The main applications of the panel filter screen are:

  • Hydropower Plants
  • Agricultural Applications
  • Dewatering
  • Drinking Water
  • Sediment Filtering
  • Water Treatment


For the Coanda screen, stainless steel with different grades are the most common selections as materials. In addition, we are able to manufacture using different kinds of materials and grades depending on your request. Also, special surface treatments are available for your application of panel frame wedge wire screen.

Coanda screens should be designed and manufactured carefully because of the tilt angle and curve geometry to get accurate capacity and filtration performance.

We are capable of manufacturing customized Coanda intake screens with our Coanda specialised company ADENCO:

Coanda Screen ADENCO

Case Study Gallery of Our Coanda Intake Screen

Coanda Screen
Coanda Screen
Coanda Screen
Coanda Screen ADENCO