Sieve Bend Screen – DSM Screen

The sieve bend screen – also called bend screen – comprises a curved screen for filtration. The bend screen provides filtration by guiding the particles along with the curved sieve filter screen.

The shape of the sieve bend screen offers a high filtration rate because of the forces exerted by the particles in the flow over the sieve bend. Thus, it is used for different applications that benefit from bend screen geometry.

The Sieve Bend is also known as a DSM Screen, as it was developed by the Dutch State Mines. Sieve Bend Screens are useful for sizing and dewatering applications to separate solids from liquids, as well as solid/solid separation for dry feed applications.

Advantages of Bend Screen

Sieve Bend Wedge Wire Screen has different advantages for filtration with unique bend screen geometry. The main advantages are:

  • Outstanding filtration performance
  • Customized bend screen design
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Durable – long service life
  • Precise open gap
  • High capacity compared to panel wedge wire screen

Applications of Bend Screen

With the advantages of the bend screen geometry, they are used in different applications as a filtering element. For example, they are used in mining applications, The main applications of the sieve filter screen are:

  • Water treatment
  • Food processing
  • Particle filtration
  • Coal removal


For the bend filter screens, stainless steel is the most common material. In addition, we are able to manufacture using different kinds of materials and grades depending on your request. Also, special surface treatments are available for your application of the wedge wire screen.

We are capable of manufacturing sieve wedge wire screens in customized dimensions, radii and lengths with skilled engineering and precise production.

Technical Details

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