Our products are manufactured with Stainless Steel 304, 304L, 304HC, 316, 316L, 316Ti, 321 or depending on your request for the different types of material with different kinds of surface treatments and coatings.

The quality control department continuously inspects and reports the whole process from receiving to final inspection to verify supplied materials conform to the proper standards, specifications and chemical composition

cylindrical filter screen

Cylindrical Screen

The cylinder wedge wire screen is the most popular screen that can be adapted to many applications. The shape of the cylindrical screen helps the filtration process complete accurately. It is also called Johnson Screen in some applications.

Sieve Bend Screen

The sieve bend screen – also called bend screen – has a curved screen for filtration. The bend screen provides filtration by guiding the particles along with the curved sieve filter screen.

Rotary Screen

The rotary screen is the dynamic cylindrical wedge wire screen that can be used for filtration. Rotary screens are also called drum screen, operates with rotational movement. Drum screen filtrates using the open gap between the V-wires of the cylindrical wedge wire screen.

Flat Screen

The flat screen also called panel screen is a rectangular type wedge wire screen for filtration. In addition, the shape of the flat screen helps the filtration process complete accurately by vibration or flow.

looped screen

Looped Screen

The looped screen also called welded wedge wire has loops created a screen with the wires for filtration. The gap between the looped wires defines the filtration performance of the welded wedge wire screen.

Basket Screen

The basket screen consists of cylindrical and tubular wedge wire screen which is suitable for centrifugal applications. Therefore, the conical or tubular shape of the screen basket helps the filtration process complete accurately.

Basket Screen

intake screen

Intake Screen

Intake screen also called T-screen is used to intake and clear water in many industrial areas. They are commonly used in hydroelectric, agricultural, drinking applications to prevent dirty materials from the water. Intake screen is commonly used in lakes known as lake pump intake screen.

Special Wedge Wire Screens

Bi-Cylindrical Screen

The bi-cylinder screen also called drilled press screen is used for special filtering applications with high-efficiency filtration. The drilled screen consists of a counterbore hole and looks perforated.

Two types of bi-cylindrical screens are available for your application; cylindrical shape and plate shape. Length and drilled hole dimensions are customizable.

Coanda Intake Screen

Coanda Intake Screen also called Coanda screen provide filtration with the special curve shaped wedge wire screen. Coanda screen is mostly used for filtration of water via the Coanda effect principle. The shape of the Coanda screen helps the filtration process complete accurately by the exerted forces of flow.

Coanda Screen

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