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Three C represents initials of our main missions:

Customized Dimensions – only for your requirements. This means that we are capable to manufacture unique wedge wires for your requirements.

Competitive delivery times – the fastest possible shipping for our customers.

Cost-effective wedge wires competitive prices for the wedge wires that can possibly never be found anywhere else.

Our manufacturing quality is integrated into ISO 9001 certified standards. We are capable of producing wedge wire products with industrial robots.

Yes, we are able to respond to customized wedge wire requests depending on the customer needs. Also, we can give technical consultancy for your wedge wire projects.

We believe that our customer satisfaction comes first! In this manner, our wedge wire dimensions are defined only for your needs with competitive prices that you may not find anywhere else. In case of a problem, we would like to give technical support after and before the sale.

We are a wedge wire manufacturing company that specialized in customer-specific requirements. Our wedge wires focus on full customer satisfaction in terms of mechanical properties, cost and shipping time.

We are keen on helping you with your project by providing wedge wire screens or technical consultancy with our experience. Unique projects are also welcomed to help you with the best possible solution.


Wedge wires are designed and mainly used for filtration applications. Specified wire gaps allow fluid to flow through the gap between V-shaped wires while dirt or unwanted materials within the flow cannot pass. These products can be used in wide range of industry and applications.

The open area represents the gap dimension between the V-wires. Open area affects the efficiency and capacity of the wedge wire. Therefore it is a significant parameter. But don’t worry, that’s why we are here to help you technically depending on your application. 

Since we are an engineering team as Adenwedgewire, we characterize the material with our own material inspection equipment in the receiving inspection process. In order to serve desired material, we prepare material inspection reports before and after the production.

  • In addition to the regular wedge wires in the industry, we are able to provide special wedge wires;
Coanda Screen

Coanda Screen

Coanda Intake Screens are mostly used for hydroelectric stations, agricultural applications, and dewatering.

With the customized dimensions and design, the required capacity can be achieved. Coanda Screens can work efficiently in different climates with no moving parts.

Bi-Cylindrical Screen

Bi-Cylindrical Screen

Perforated Counterbore Screens provide a significant filtration performance over conventional wedge wires with counterbored holes.

Counterbore screens are appropriate for your special and precise filtration applications. We are ready to solve your problems with two types of perforated counterbore screens: plane and cylindrical types. 

Wedge wire types vary depending on the application and system. For example, cylindrical wedge wire is mostly preferred for the water cleaning, whereas loop screens can be used for material processing in the mining industry.

We are capable of manufacturing using Stainless Steel 304, 304L, 304HC, 316, 316L, 316 Ti, 321, in addition Duplex and Super Duplex. It also depends on your request for the different types of material.

It keeps working in all kinds of extreme weather conditions without losing any of its effectiveness.

Wedge wire is frequently utilized in numerous applications that require filtration. Water treatment, drinking water supply, the food and beverage industry, the oil and gas sector, mining, and the paper industry are just a few examples.

They prevent clogging with their V-shaped wedge wires. While the gaps on the surface of V-shaped wedge wires are small, they get wider.

Wedge wire screens can be divided into four different categories. These are known as basket screen, sieve bend screen, flat screen and cylindrical screen.

They require a negligible level of maintenance because they have self-cleaning properties but it is recommended to a perform visual maintenance at least once a year.

Large particles are kept out by the slots between the V-shaped wires, while tiny particles can pass through the slots between the wires.